Learn to Play the Organ

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The Organist Training and Encouragement Scheme

This scheme was devised by the Plymouth and District Organists' Association and, as its name suggests, it exists to help train church organists.

It is aimed towards people who already have some knowledge of how to play a keyboard instrument, to encourage them to take up the organ, and to provide them with tuition of guaranteed quality. It is open to anyone of any age.

For students over the age of 18, the Association will recommend a suitable tutor and, if the student does not have access to a pipe organ, it will suggest a suitable church where lessons can take place. The course will begin with an exploratory lesson for which no charge will be made.

Students under the age of 18 will be taught in small groups for the first year, which keeps the cost down to substantially below that of individual lessons. As with older students, the first session will be free of charge.

In certain cases of financial hardship, and if the student’s own church can't assist, the Plymouth and District Organists' Association may be able to offer some help.

Please Contact Us for further details of the scheme.